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THE outbreak of the coronavirus has affected revenue collection for the Mufulira Municipal Council as government closed down bars to slow the spread of the pandemic.

The Council’s main source of revenue is mainly from traders, where bars have largely dominated commerce in the district.

Mufulira Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Thandiwe Tembo disclosed to ZANIS that   closure of bars has resulted in the council not to collect enough revenue from bars and liqour leased spaces.

“Our other source of revenue is restaurants, but very few people are patronising restaurants,” Ms.Tembo said.

She disclosed that the council has also experienced a drastic reduction in revenue collection at the markets as the number of marketeers displaying merchandise at the markets has also reduced.

“The number of marketeers has reduced because some have opted to be selling from home due to fear of  contracting or spreading COVID-19, while others are just out of businesses due to loss of capital stemming from the economic effects of the pandemic ,” Ms Tembo said.

She explained that another way COVID-19 has contributed to the council’s financial woes is due to members of the public failing to pay for property rates.

“Many people have been failing to pay property rates, claiming loss of income as many companies have closed,and this has reduced our income as a council,”,She explained.

She stated that the money the council collects as cargo fees from trucks entering Mufulira has also reduced as Mokambo border is not fully operational.



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