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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should explain to the Zambian people how he amassed so much riches from the Privatisation
of state asserts than resorting to being sarcastic, PF Western Province mobilisation chairperson Glenn Kalimbwe has demanded.

Mr Kalimbwe said Mr Hichilema should answer to the valid questions raised by FDD president Edith Nawakwi than resorting to insulting her.
“Simple questions require simple answers not sarcasm or insults, as Mr Hichilema is doing,” he said.

He said declaration of assets by those aspiring for the highest office, was common practice and therefore Zambians were within their right to ask Mr Hichilema to explain how he managed to amass his riches at the time he was just 29 years old.

There is nothing unusual about asking HH to state the source of his wealth unless he knows that disclosing how he made his wealth will cost him political office, in any case it’s equally wrong for him to hide information that people need to use for making a reasonable conclusion as to what kind of a man he is,” he said.

He also wondered what morals Mr. Hichilema was communicating to the younger generation by claiming on his Facebook that the FDD leader had a crush on him after she challenged him to explain his involvement in the privatisation process.

The question of amassing wealth whose source you cannot explain is a serious offence for which can be prosecuted in almost all countries therefore Zambians do not expect him to trivialise the matter,” he said.

Mr Kalimbwe advised that as a person who was aspiring to become Republican President, Mr Hichilema’s level of morality should be above reproach and avoid using sexist outbursts to shut up his critics.

He said the attack on Ms Nawakwi by Mr Hichilema amounted to gender based violence because his actions implied that women had no right to express themselves on the political arena.
Mr Kalimbwe said Mr Hichilema was a sexist fundamentalist and must be condemned by all right thinking Zambians.


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