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Kaizer, Rashid deny assault charge


FORMER State House aide Kaizer Zulu and his acquaintance Rafique Rashid have denied assaulting and kidnapping three Lusaka businessmen and a driver for al- legedly spying on them.

This is in a matter where Bernard Nshindo, Sengelwayo Jere, Saul Masikoti who are qualified surveyors and businessmen, and Mason Mweemba, a driver, have sued Zulu and his acquaintances Mpange Kachingwe, Rashid, and Bella Mwanza a director at Chita lodge Limited.

They are seeking among other claims damages for assault, false imprisonment and kidnapping, on the pretext that they were photographing his speed boat at Chita Lodge, in Kafue.

The four, who have also cited Chita Lodge Limited in the matter, are claiming that Zulu, who was political adviser to the President, accused them of wanting to assassinate him when they allegedly photographed his speed boat.

They said he manhandled them whilst firing gun shots in the air and pointed a pistol to their heads and threatened to kill them.

But Zulu and Rashid in their defence argued that the plaintiffs were hiding while taking pictures of them who were having a private and confidential meeting within the vicinity of the secluded part of the lodge.

The duo claimed that they alerted a police officer who was nearby to check on why the three businessmen and a driver were hiding, recording and taking pictures of them without authority.

“In fact the plaintiffs admitted taking unautho- rised photographs and agreed to delete them but the police officer discovered that they were armed with pistols and posing a danger to the lives of de- fendants,” read part of the defence.

Zulu and Rashid claimed that the plaintiffs attempted to drive off when accosted by the police officer and instead fired gunshots in the air as they tried to escape from the police officer.

The two claimed that the plaintiffs were apprehended by police officers and in fact one of the suspects escaped when they reached Kafue police station. Zulu and his acquaintance stated that the four were later moved to Lusaka Central Police where they were detained.

Zulu and Rashid argued that the plaintiffs do not deserve any of the reliefs sought at least not from them.


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