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Kambwili campaigning for UPND in Lukashya?


CHISHIMBA Kambwili has denied secretly campaigning for the UPND in Lukashya.

According to social media, Mr Kambwili has decided for an alliance with UPND, because of the strong numbers it enjoys in its stronghold, which may give him a chance of getting into Government because the Bemba stronghold is fragmented by too many presidential conterders who will divide the vote. 

Mr Kambwili, the NDC leader, is reported to have sneaked into Lukashya for campaigns when police in Lusaka are hunting for him.

In an effort to embarrass the ruling Patriotic Front in its stronghold, the NDC leader has joined forces with the UPND to ensure that they scoop the Lukashya seat in the upcoming September 17 by-election. 

Speaking in a cell phone interview, Mr Kambwili said he was at his home in Lusaka, bed ridden.

He was reacting to speculation on social media that he sneaked into Lukashya for campaigns when police officers were looking for him to enforce a bench warrant for his arrest.

Mr Kambwili said contrary to claims, no police officer had gone to his house or raided the premises, saying they would have found him if they had gone there.

“I am not in Lukashya or in hiding, I am at home in Lusaka bedridden and the police have not come here to look for me because if they did, they would have found me,” he said.

NDC vice-president Joseph Akafumba however recently announced that Mr Kambwili has been on the Copperbelt from the time he fell ill.

Mr Kambwili also accused the magistrate’s court of trying to create drama by issuing a bench warrant for his arrest when he was sick.

He said it was the assumption of the police that he was hiding.

“I can’t comment on their assumptions, that is why they created drama to issue a bench warrant to a sick person so that they make news,” he said.

And Lusaka Province Commissioner of Police, Nelson Phirisaid police were still looking for Mr Kambwili.

“We have been looking Mr Kambwili but we have not yet found him,” he said.

Last week, Magistrate Simusamba ordered the arrest of Mr Kambwili for absconding court in a matter he is facing charges of forgery, uttering a false document and giving false information to a public officer. 

Mr Kambwili did not appear before court although in the days leading up to the court date he was very active on social media issuing political statements.


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