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Mutati denies pact


I AM not in any political pact with Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba and Lusaka lawyer Kelvin Bwalya Fubu ahead of the 2021 general election, former Finance Minister Felix Mutati has said.

He said formation of political alliances are not done quietly because it is not about the politicians who are having the conversation but sbout  the general citizens who are the major stakeholders.

Mr Mutati said in an interview that he was aware of the picture of him with Mr Kalaba and Mr Kelvin Fube that was trending on social media but clarified that the meeting was only a consultative meeting and nothing more.

He said it was normal for political players like him and others to consult one another, adding that the recent meeting with Mr Kalaba and Mr Fube did not mean they were in a political alliance or pact.

“As to the meeting that we had, the position is that we were having a consultative engagement and discussion and that does not mean we were are in pact or political alliance,” Mr Mutati said.

He said that there was nothing wrong or sinister about the meeting because it was normal and that he was going to continue consulting different players including the church and the business sector before coming up with a final decision on the way forward.  

Mr Mutati said as a country, it was important for   political or other players to consult one another and find solutions to the many challenges for the benefit of the people of Zambia.

He said it was only through consultations that Zambians can find solutions to the many challenges the country was facing be it social-economic or political.


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