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THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is a toxic institution now risking to plunge the nation into pandemonium because it has been infiltrated by the opposition, a consortium of opposition political parties has charged.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma said the fight against corruption will remain a fishing expedition only targeted at dismantling the ruling PF ahead of the 2021 elections because the enemy “was working from within.”

Mr. Musoma said the current status quo showed that the ACC was not only moribund but was out to finish the PF through heightened corruption allegations against senior party and Government officials, including ministers to advantage some opposition leaders.  He said some opposition political parties neither had the agenda for the country nor any campaign message for the electorates ahead of next year’s election, save for unsubstantiated allegations of corruption and that it was not surprising that the ACC was toeing the same line against the PF. 

Mr. Musoma said the implication of some ministers previously by the ACC was a systematic move to give credence to the same opposition political parties’ claims that there was rampant corruption in Government. 

He said the plethora of unconcluded cases against Government officials under ACC investigations and the failure in some instances to provide and adduce credible evidence in court so that those in the wrong were punished was an indication of the ACC’s ineptness. 

“The operations of the ACC so far have indicated that they have diverted from their mandate and are now fishing in wrong ponds. Every politically influential individual in Government is now a target because the idea is to finish the PF ahead of the 2021 elections,” Mr. Musoma said. 

He said the ACC must be disbanded because it had outlived its usefulness.


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