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‘Bedwetting sends couple to court’

A Chawama woman has begged Kanyama Local court to end her marriage claiming that her husband was fond of urinating himself whenever he gets drunk.
Lucy Musonda 27, a marketer told the court that her 30 year old husband Joseph Msumuko, a self-employed electrician wets himself each time he takes alcohol and that she wanted the marriage to end.
Facts before the court are that the two got married in 2018, under traditional law and dowry was fully paid with no children and they only lived well for the first two months.
Musonda lamented that her husband was a drunkard who spends all his earnings on alcohol and gambling.
She said she doesn’t know why she did not listen to her friends when they told her that her husband to be was a drunkard.
“My friends told me he was a drunkard but I thought they were lying but awe mwandi ni zoona, I am tired of washing mitundo za muntu mukulu, zi nunka and this man is stingy, I want this marriage to end, please ba court help me end this marriage.
Musaonda added that because of his alcoholism the couple has no children as her husband fails to perform in bed.
And Magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka asked, Msumuko to say his side of the story and defend himself from such claims by his wife.
Msumuko told the court that the reason he drinks too much alcohol is because he wasted over K10,000 trying to educate his wife but that she kept on failing.
He said he wishes the money he spent on her was diverted to other things like building or helping his old mother in the village.
He added that the couple cannot have children because his wife was once diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease which damaged her ovaries.
“Yes I drink to avoid over thinking, imagine spending K10,000 on someone who failed grade 12 five times, ine ndiye nifunika ku siliza chikwati because this lady has brought me matenda yambili and me wetting on the bed is deliberate so that she can also feel how I suffered for the money I wasted on her,” Mr. Msumuko said.
When the matter came for judgment, Magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka refused to grant divorce to the couple saying that the two must first ask elders from both sides to intervene and see other options instead of rushing for the marriage to end.
The court further advised the couple to seek counselling because it seems like the two still love each other.


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