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BASIC Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) has advised teachers awaiting employment to be patient as Government will carry out mass recruitment soon.

Earlier, BETUZ revealed that there were over 50, 000 trained teachers in Zambia who were unemployed.
The Ministry of General Education however said it was in the process of requesting Treasury authority from the Ministry of Finance to recruit teachers.
BETUZ secretary general, Henry Sinkala, said the union had trust in Government and was was optimistic that graduate teachers would be deployed soon.
“The announcement from the Ministry of General Education is very reassuring to us as a union, we would like to appeal to those prospective teachers to remain patient and that the situation is under control,” Mr Sinkala said.
Mr Sinkala said in an interview yesterday that it was a known fact that Covid-19 has had a serious toll on the treasury and the entire economy.
He also commended Government for the massive infrastructure development across the country adding that the PF Government had performed well.
“We must make mention that as a union we are impressed with the massive development agenda that the Government has embarked on,” he said.


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