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FORMER Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) chairperson Bishop John Mambo is a sell-out because he has been mute after the revelations of corrupt acts from his preferred man, Hakainde Hichilema, Evangelical Youth Alliance president, Moses Lungu has said.

Reverend Lungu wondered how genuine Bishop Mambo has been in condemning acts that deprive the people and country of development if he could be quiet on revelations that the opposition UPND president dubiously sold the Mosi-O-TunyaHotel in Livingstone, now Sun International Hotel to himself.

He said in an interview that now that his preferred man was the perpetrator of outright corruption, he has gone mute and this qualifies him to be a sell-out.

“Bishop Mambo is a sell-out because if he was genuine he would condemn any act which is not in good standing with the social norm regardless of who perpetrates it but he has gone quiet,” he said.

Rev Lungu challenged Bishop Mambo to come out in the open and condemn MrHichilema in the strongest terms just as he has been doing with the perceived wrongdoings of the Patriotic Front (PF) led Government.

He said Bishop Mambo should be above board in ensuring that any acts of corruption were condemned because being partial on such matters sends a wrong signal.

“I want to challenge Christians like Bishop Mambo, what is his say now that these revelations have been made known to the public. If he is sincere that he hates corrupt acts if it is not just President Edgar Lungu he hates for personal vendetta, let him come out in the open and condemn this,” he said.


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