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‘I didn’t steal my boss’ bike’

A CHOMA man who stopped over at a tavern to ‘kill’ his hangover after a heavy drinking spree the previous night has been accused of stealing his employer’s bicycle which he left outside.
In this matter Remmy Siakajika, 42, is charged with Theft of a Bicycle contrary to the Laws of Zambia.
Siakajika is accused of stealing the Bicycle valued at K2,000 the property of Tracia Baska.
The alleged theft is said to have occurred on May 8, 2020 in Choma.
When he appeared for plea before Senior Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo, he admitted to taking the Bicycle but denied stealing it insisting it was just stolen from him.
Court: Have you understood the charge?
Siakajika: Yes
Court: Do you admit or deny?
Siakajika: I admit.
Court: Did you take the Bicycle?
Siakajika: I was engaged by the complainant to do some piece worker for him and he sent me to buy Metal bars with his bicycle, I went home with it. The following morning I passed through a Tavern to get rid of my hangover but immediately I finished my drink and walked out I found the bicycle stolen.
Court: Sir, I don’t want you to give me evidence just tell me if you stole the bicycle.
Siakajika: No I did not steal the Bicycle.
Court: I record a plea of not guilty.
After entering a plea of guilty, the matter was adjourned to October 1 for trial with mention on September 18 and 25, 2020.
Siakajika was remanded in custody.


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