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Lufwanyama settlers lose land?

SOME villagers of Luswishi ward in Lufwanyama district have been displaced from their land.
According to the complaints received from some villagers seeking redress, the three buyers bought land from the Ministry of Lands in segments of 10, 000 hectares, 5,000 hectares and another 5,000 hectares respectively.
The displaced villagers pleaded for help with the UPND leadership that went to campaign in the area to recover their land.
“This land is the only asset we have and the only place we can leave our children on as our ancestors did for us,” one of them said.
The settlers lamented that the new owners of the land who are not known were only giving them K400 per household as compensation for them to relocate.
They said they just saw people who claimed to have bought land from the ministry developing it.
In response, UPND Copperbelt Provincial Chairman Elisha Matambo assured the displaced villagers that help was on the way for them.
Mr Matambo said that the party would help repossess the land and give it back to the indigenous owners.
He further called on relevant authorities to follow up the matter and ensure that citizens did not become destitute.
Mr Matambo and his Provincial Management Committee was in Lufwanyama drumming up support for UPND candidates in the forthcoming five local government by-elections in the district.
The elections would take place on September 17, 2020.


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