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PF mobilisation committees well-meant, says Lusambo

PATRIOTIC Front leaders in various structures should not be intimidated by the formation of the mobilisation committees but work together ahead of the 2021 elections, PF Copperbelt mobilisation committee chairman Bowman Lusambo has said.

Mr Lusambo, who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament, said the formation of mobilisation committees was not meant to ‘swallow’ other party structrures.
He said he was aware that some members were not comfortable with the formation of the mobilisation committees, but he assured them that the committees were not there to take over their positions and responsibilities.
In interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Lusambo said there was no need for antagonism between the party structures and the mobilisation committees because they were both serving a common interest of ensuring victory for the PF and President Edgar lungu in the next year’s election
“Our role as mobilisation committees is to supplement the efforts of the party structures ahead of the 2021 elections. After the 2021 elections, the mobilisation committees will come to an end. So those in party structures should not feel intimidated.
“We are not there to grab positions of those in party structures. I am not after the position of the provincial chairman, I am not after the positions of district chairman or constituency officials. Let’s work together and deliver 2021 to our party and President Edgar Lungu” Mr Lusambo said.


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