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Release secret Saturnia audit report


THE full extent of corruption in privatisation can be seen if secrets of the Saturnia Forensic report is open for public scrutiny, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has said

The report, Mr Musoma said, discloses how senior Zambia Privatisation Agency officials colluded to deny pensioners their benefits and are currently in court while others have died without their benefits. 

He said there is need to release the  Saturnia report so that evil things which were done can be exposed.

Many people, he said,  especially former BP employees had suffered because of the selfishness of some individuals.

Mr Musoma said the matter cannot die a natural death because many people were swindled out of  their money.

He said in an interview yesterday, it was prudent that the report is  released so that those involved in evil acts be probed.

Mr Musoma said this time around there should be no excuse for not releasing the report so that those who swindled former employees can be brought to book.

“Some people have died of heart attack because some individuals went away with their money which they had worked for, for many years. Why should people behind such criminality be left scot free, justice must prevail in this matter so that those who thought they were clever enough by stealing from Zambians can face the wrath of the law.

“So we are demanding as Zambia Republican Party that no time should be wasted in releasing the Saturnia  forensic audit report so that Zambians themselves can know what the people who are even vying for higher office  did to people they want rule,” he said. 

The Fund Manager for the Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Fund is Benefits Consulting Services Limited (Bencon). The shareholders in Bencon are Menel Management Services Limited which is owned by Hakainde Hichilema, MukakupyaHantuba, Valentine Chitalu and Bradford Machila who is listed as company secretary. The other shareholder is Botswana Insurance Fund Managers which is an Anglo American company.

The Fund administrators for Saturnia Regna Pension Trust Fund are African Lidfe Financial Serviceswhose shareholders are Hakainde Hichilema, Mukupya Hantuba, Valentine Chitaluand Anglo American. Aflife is a merger between Anglo American (Central Africa) Limited and African Life Assurance Company.


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