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Tailor sued over unpaid child fees

A LUSAKA Garden House resident has dragged the father of her baby to Kanyama Local Court for failing to pay K500 child support as agreed.
Mwape Musonda, 26, a student at City College, has sued the father of baby, Moffat Njobvu, 38, a tailor, of Kanyama west for failing to pay the agreed K500 monthly fee as child support.
Musonda narrated before the court that in 2018, Njobvu had agreed to be paying K500 as child support monthly but since 2020 he has not given her any money without proper reason.
Musonda said Njobvu stopped her from going to court because he was a married man but agreed to be paying child support monthly.
“When I gave birth in 2018 this man agreed to be supporting me and the child but later he changed and said since its just damage he will only support the child, I said ok no problem then my sister told me to go to court to have a written agreement upon hearing that he stopped me and said he will be paying K500 monthly child support,”said Musonda.
She added that there is a written document between her and Njobvu which obligates him to the K500 agreement of child support.
Upon viewing the document, the court asked Nbjovu to defend himself from the matter and show why he was refusing to honour his side of the agreement.
Njobvu denied refusing to pay the monthly child support saying he had continued to honour his promise because that’s his child.
He said the problem was that every time the two had an argument Musonda, told him the child was not his and that one day the real father would beat him.
“I’m a learned man even if I’m a tailor, this child here is my flesh and blood, there is no way I can refuse to support her, the problem is that this lady has been saying very hurtful things towards me over the child, she is always angry at me as if I don’t tell her that I’m married that’s why I had stopped paying,”
And magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka told the two that there was a binding document in place and was signed in the presence of both families therefor the agreement would continue.
The magistrate told Njobvu to continue paying the child support fees and that he was free to sue Musonda if he was not sure as to whether the child was his.
The court also added that Musonda must come clean on who the real father of her child was or take a DNA test and stop bothering Mr. Nbjovu.


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