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Avoid flawed tenders

GOVERNMENT should avoid committing to ‘flawed’ tenders with foreign firms that only allow outsiders to externalize resources at the expense of locals, Alliance For Democratic and Development (ADD) president, Charles Milupi has said.

Alliance For Democratic and Development (ADD) president, Charles Milupi said entering into flawed tenders that fail to be implemented sends wrong signals to the general public as they tend to question the transparency of such projects.
He cited the 17-year speed cameras contract that Zambia signed with an Austrian Firm to improve road safety and traffic management that have been concealed because it was not handled.
Mr. Milupi said the contract was a hopeless idea because it didn’t take into account the number of factors that relate to road safety but was purely commercial.
“The speed cameras project was an absolutely hopeless idea, it didn’t take into account the conditions on the road, you set speed limits so low to slow the movement of people which slows the economy,” he said.
The ADD president said the primary consideration of the project should have been safety and not commercial because that was the aim of the speed cameras world over.
Mr. Milupi has urged the government to ensure that next time they consider implementing the project, it should be purely to ensure the safety of the road users.
Government recently announced that a request to cancel the traffic management deal with the foreign firm had been submitted.


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