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CHIEF Chikwanda has slammed and described a statement attributed to Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya people of Southern Province that there will be chaos in the country because of suspected rigging as irresponsible.

“It is highly irresponsible for a traditional leader to come out like that when we are supposed to be the ones in the forefront of advocating for peace,” he said.
Chief Chikwanda said Chief Mukuni should instead provide Zambians will evidence of rigging as opposed to issuing statements that can cause chaos in the country.
He said Traditional leaders should instead be in the forefront advocating for peace and not confusion.
Chief Chikwanda said Traditional leaders as parents should avoid advancing agendas of a particular Political party.
Meanwhile, PF media Director Sunday Chanda has said anyone alleging that pre online voter registration is a scheme by PF to rig next year’s elections is speaking from point of ignorance.

Senior Chief Mukuni

And Mr Chanda said Senior Chief Mukuni was advancing an agenda championed by the UPND.
Mr Chanda said there are reasonable people within the UPND that have seen through their lies and deceit on the pre online voter registration.
Mr Chanda said it was unfortunate that Senior Chief Mukuni had fallen prey to cheap UPND propaganda.
“It’s unfortunate that his Royal Highness Chief Mukuni has fallen prey to UPND lies and deceit,” Mr Chanda said.
He has advised Chief Mukuni to leave politics to Politicians because the arguments he was advancing were highly political in nature.
Mr Chanda said Chief Mukuni claims that PF is rigging next’s elections based on unfounded falsehoods.
“Arguments by Chief Mukuni are misplaced and founded on falsehoods because there is no grain of truth in them, the only reason we are responding to his statement is because we have a lot of respect for traditional leaders otherwise we could have dismissed it with the contempt it deserves, “Mr Chanda said.
He has appealed to the chief to stop being used by the UPND and take comfort in those that are not members of the UPND including Mutinta Mazoka and John Sangwa that have supported online pre voter registration.


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