Chilufya warns private hospitals

ANY private health facility that would be found keeping in admission suspected Covid-19 patients would be held responsible for the late referral, Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has warned.

Dr Chilufya has since appealed to the general public to seek medical attention from designated Covid -19 isolation health facilities.
Dr Chilufya also expressed concern that some bar owners were abrogating the stipulated operating hours, with some operating until 05:00 hours.
Speaking during the Covid-19 update in Lusaka yesterday, Dr Chilufya said although the county has continued to record low cases of Covid-19, the disease severity among the patients continued to be worrying especially for those with underlying conditions.
Meanwhile, the minister sounded a warning to private health facilities that were admitting Covid-19 suspected patients.
He said that such institutions would be held responsible for Covid-19 deaths that may occur in their facilities.
“We have in our facilities two very sick patients who were referred from private health facilities. This is very sad and we wish to say that we will not continue tolerating this trend,” Dr Chilufya said.


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