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Displaced Kitwe families soaked

FLOOD and house demolition victims who are currently housed at Hellen Kaunda Secondary School in Kitwe, were on Thursday night stranded due to the heavy rains experienced overnight.

The victims have since called on Government to expedite building their houses as they have been homeless for about seven months.
They complained that with the onset of the rains, it would be difficult for them to continue staying in tents, a situation they said was worrisome.
Mattresses, beddings, clothes, bags of mealie meal among other food stuffs were all soaked.
Some children including those under the age of five were spotted sleeping on wet beddings.
“We appreciate the support we are given but we need government to expedite the process of relocating us to the land we have been given to lessen the burden on them.
“We want to take responsibility of our well-being rather than depending on hand outs all the time,” one of the victims, Ms Joan Kunda said.
The families were displaced after their houses collapsed due to heavy rain early this year in Bulangililo, Musonda, Mwaiseni, Mufuchani and areas near the Kafue River.
Other families were temporarily accommodated at Helen Kaunda after their houses were demolished.
Kitwe District Commissioner Chileshe Bweupe assured them that a team from his office would immediately be sent to assess the situation and see how best the victims could be helped.
Mr Bweupe said that Government regretted the sad situation that had happened to the victims.


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