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FOUR work permits for foreign nationals have been revoked for violating conditions stipulated in their immigration documents.

Immigration Public Relations Officer, Namati Nshinka said the four foreign nationals at East Park and Garden City shopping malls had their work permits revoked for violating conditions stipulated in their immigration permits.
Mr Nshinka said among them were one Lebanese of Olive Tree Restaurant and one Indian of Mobile City, both for failing to observe con-ditions of their residence permits.
One Indian of Bliss Pharmacy and another who works at Switch Smart Mobile were picked up for failing to observe conditions of their employment permits.
“The department is in the process of revoking all four permits,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Nshinka said the Immigration department apprehended 109 persons for various offences countrywide between October 5th – 13th , this year. “These were 15 Malawians, 11 Zimbabweans, eight Mozambicans and six Tanzanians, all apprehended for unlawful entry.
“Others apprehended for unlawful entry were five Ethiopians, three Burundians, three Namibians, Congolese and two Ugandans,” he said.
Furthermore, he said, two Congolese and one Tanzanian were apprehended for human trafficking
Similarly, Mr Nshinka said, two Zimbabweans were apprehended for attempting to obtain National Registration Cards (NRCs) fraudulent-ly.
In the same vein, two Zambians were apprehended for attempting to aid foreign nationals to obtain NRCs fraudulently.
Meanwhile, 31 Zambians were ejected from Namibia for unlawful entry and arrived at Katima Mulilo border on Friday, 9th October, 2020 while four Zambians were repatriated from Zimbabwe for illegal fishing


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