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Grade 8 pupil, 2 others convicted of trafficking in marijuana

The Choma Magistrates Court has convicted three men in separate counts for trafficking in Marijuana among them a Grade 8 pupil.

The three convicted were Hendrix Sibajene, Winford Mweemba 20, Grade 8 Pupil and Elias Munkombwe a farmer. According to the facts stated by Public Prosecutor Alex Syulikwa, Sibajene was apprehended around 22:00 hours with 16 balls of cannabis while Mweemba was found with one ball weighing 5.01gms.
Munkombwe was apprehended with 23 balls of Cannabis weighing 51.8 grand.
When the matter came up for facts before Court, all the three understood the statement read to them by the State through the Court Interpreter Luckson Sibalwa in Tonga the language they seemed to understand better.
Before receiving the sentences, Mweemba asked for lenience claiming he had left bricks worth K17,000 and if incarcerated he would lose out, Munkombwe also told Senior Resident Magistrate Idah Mupemo that he looks after his mentally challenged brother.
Despite all their pleas, the Court slapped Sibajene and Munkombwe 6 months imprisonment with hard labour, while Mweemba received 3 months prison term . All the three were informed of their rights to appeal to the High Court if they were not happy with the ruling.


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