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THE known hypocrites who are supposed to join Chishimba Kambwili in jail have ganged up to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Zambian judiciary by claiming that the trial of NDC leader was not fair, Chilufya Tayali has said.

Meanwhile, Lusaka lawyer Tutwa Ngulube has said NDC vice president Joseph Akafumba should stop hallucinating that convicted Chishimba Kambwili was still eligible on the 2021 race because it was “game-over” for him.
Mr Tayali, the Equity and Economic Party (EEP) president said all those who were saying Kambwili’s trial and conviction was political persecution said so because they were themselves corrupt.
He was reacting to remarks on one of the local newspapers attributed to Socialist Party (SP) leader, Dr Fred M’membe and UPND president Hakainde Hichilema that Kambwili’s trial was not fair and a political persecution.
Mr Tayali said Dr M’membe and Mr Hichilema have ganged up to discredit Kambwili’s conviction for their own interests.
“People like Fred M’membe and HH, these are the people that should actually join Kambwili in prison. So for me, I have no regards for these people who are saying it is political persecution,” Mr Tayali said.
He said Dr M’membe and Mr Hichilema could not condemn the crimes that Kambwili committed because by doing so, they would be condemning themselves.
“Of course the corrupt have ganged up against the judicial system. They are discrediting the judicial system because they are scared it might soon find them wanting, so they are discrediting Kambwili’s trial just to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Zambian judiciary,” he said.
About HH, he said, the privatisation issues is in public domain, the land issues, the lower Zambezi issue, all these issues are haunting him. He got rich out of taking advantage of the resources of this country. So how can they condemn Kambwili? They can never because they know that soon the law will catch up with them.
Meanwhile, Mr Ngulube who is Government Deputy Parliamentary Chief Whip, said it was wishful thinking for Mr Akafumba to insinuate that Kambwili would contesting as President or any other political office while he is convicted.
Speaking at a joint media briefing with the UPND which was held at Kambwili’s home in Woodlands on Thursday last week, Mr Akafumba said the convicted NDC leader would still be on the ballot paper in 2021 during the general elections.
Mr Akafumba argued that despite being incarcerated, Kambwili was not barred from contesting elections next year.
But Mr Ngulube who quoted article 100 (2) h of the constitution of Zambia, said Kambwili’s conviction in the Lusaka magistrate’s court disqualified him from contesting as President or any other political office.
He said Kambwili could only contest if the conviction slapped on him by Lusaka Magistrate David Simusamba was overturned by a higher court on appeal.
He said on this basis of being a convict, Kambwili could not even be allowed by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to file in nominations.


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