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I hold no grudge against anyone, says Jay Jay

I MAY be suspended from the party but I still believe in it, and shall continue to help in promoting peace and love among fellow members, sus- pended PF Eastern Province youth chairperson Emmanu- el Banda has said.
Mr Banda, popularly known as Jay Jay said he holds no anger, resentment and thoughts
of revenge against those be- hind his persecution.

He said his political ene- mies who thrived on malice and slander had ganged up against him through some media organisations just to see him be removed from the political scene.
Mr Banda said in an inter- view yesterday that despite what he had gone through in the past months, he has decid- ed to embrace forgiveness and
move forward.“Despite what I have gone
through in the past few weeks if not months, where my name has been marred in ru- mour mongering, malice and slander amongst other things against our noble standing both in society and the polit- ical organisation we belong to, I choose to embrace forgive- ness and to move forward.
“I seek justice not revenge or rumours. We are aware that
bad people have developed narratives about us, creating fake statements and stories but we have faith that the truth wins always,” Mr Banda said.
Mr Banda said he had been prosecuted and sentenced by some media houses and those who wished him removed on the political scene for mere- ly being commitment to the leadership and loyalty to the ruling party.


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