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Lungu commissions Arcades Flyover Bridge

IT has been my dream to transform Lusaka and Zambia at large, President Edgar Lungu has said.

President Lungu said only those who have chosen to be blind would argue that there was no development in the country.
He said his Government would continue to work towards transforming Zambia, when dull people are busy arguing. The President said this when he commissioned the Arcades Flyover Bridge on Great East Road, the second to be completed among the four being constructed in the city under the decongest Lusaka project.

He said his Government would not be distracted by the enemies of progress who claimed that there was no development. “To borrow the slogan of the people of Luapula Province, ifwe tulebomba ifipuba filetalika,” President Lungu said.The President said he would continue building on Mr Sata’ vision to transform Zambia.
Mr Lungu also explained that his Government was borrowing to transform the country which the same armchair critics were enjoying the fruits of borrowing. He said there could be no development without a good road network, adding that the construction of roads has enhanced efficiency by reducing the time spent on the road.
Mr Lungu also thanked the Indian Government for the financial support towards the implementation of the project.
Meanwhile, Minister of Local Government Charles Banda said the project spoke to Government’s commitment of providing the much needed infrastructure that would drive the economic and social development of the country.
Dr Banda thanked President Lungu for his visionary leadership and said the Arcades Flyover Bridge was just one of the many milestones he has achieved towards the Zambia people wanted.
And Indian High commissioner to Zambia, Ngulkam Jathom Gangte, who pledged his county’s continued support said the commissioned bridge would not only reduce congestion but also add to the beauty of the nation.
In a vote of thanks, Mandevu member of Parliament Jean Kapata said President Lungu has proved to be equal to the task ever since he took over from late President Michael Sata. “You have fitted well in Sata’s shoes, in fact it is becoming smaller,” Ms Kapata said.
Munali MP, Professor Nkandu Luo said the people of Munali who have benefitted a lot from the project were happy and would give PF massive votes in 2021.


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