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Minister warns ACC, DEC

THE law enforcement officers should only take to court cases which have a high chance of success to avoid unnecessary costs on the State, Justice Minister, Given Lubinda has said.

Mr Lubinda warned that the current law provided that costs incurred as a result of negligence would be borne by the officers responsible.
He urged law enforcement agencies to desist from presenting half-investigated matters for prosecution to avoid incurring unnecessary charges.
Mr Lubinda said Government had continued to lose huge sums of money due to negligence by arresting officers who detain people without strong cases against them.
“The amended Public Finances Management Act is in operation and public officers that cause Government to lose money shall be surcharged in accordance with the provisions of the Act.
“Government has amended the public finances management Act to surcharge arresting officers in Institutions that have powers to arrest including Police,ACC and DEC who arrest people and prosecute them on half baked information and later lose the case,” Mr Lubinda said.
Mr Lubinda said he was aware that they were many instances in which Government was losing because of negligence by arresting officers in various law enforcement agencies that have powers to arrest.
“If they take people to court without sufficient evidence then they lose the case and Government loses money they have to be surcharged,” Minister said.
Mr Lubinda said it was important that arresting officers in various law enforcement Institutions only take cases with sufficient evidence to court to avoid wastage of government funds on legal fees.


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