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NDOLA Central Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Mulenga, has called on fellow parliamentarians to be objective when dealing with matters of national importance such as the Constitution.

Mr Mulenga noted that some opposition MPs, who had been in the house for a long time, tend to politicize everything so long it was not coming from them.
He said there was need to shelve off partisan interests when dealing with matters of the constitution of the land so as to deal with conten-tious issues objectively.
Mr Mulenga, who is also Sport, Youth and Child Development Minister, said bill 10 would give an opportunity for mixed proportion rep-resentation which allocated a certain percentage to youths.
He noted that youths should not only be used in campaigns, but also in the governance of the country hence the bill sought to give the young people an opportunity to get involved.
”It’s very unfortunate that some MPs who have been in Parliament for long politicize anything as long as it is not coming from others. As MPs we need to be very objective when addressing these matters more especially something to do with the constitution of the land,” Mr Mulenga said.
Bill 10 comes back tomorrow for second reading in which two thirds of the MPs were required to pass the Bill to the next stage.
And the advocates of Bill 10 through nominated MP Raphael Nakacinda said they had done their homework to make sure that the Bill was successful.
Mr Nakacinda said some opposition and Independent MPs were expected to vote with the ruling Patriotic Front to ensure the success of the bill.
The ruling PF has the majority MPs at 90 while the opposition comprising MMD, FDD and UPND have 62 MPs with 13 Independents.


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