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‘Privatisation inquiry not targeting any individual’

IT is shocking that the UPND leaders are crying foul over the decision to institute a commission of inquiry into the privatisation because no individual has been singled, Vice President Inonge Wina has said.

Ms Wina said that the probe on privatisation was meant to ascertain what happened during the process because many Zambians were sent on the street and were now destitute.
She said this yesterday in Parliament during the Vice-President’s question time.
“No individual has been mentioned when the civil society presented a petition to his Excellency the President. I don’t remember hearing a name of Mr Hakainde Hichilema,” she said.
Ms Wina was responding to UPND Chikankata Member of Parliament(MP), Kabwe Mwiinga, who asked whether Government would give the UPND permit to offer solidarity to Mr Hichilema on the alleged mismanagement during privatisation.
“Mr Speaker institutions including individuals were involved in the privatisation process and I don’t see why we should single out one person because he was not the only one who was involved in the privatisation,” she added.
Ms Wina indicated that former Ramcoz employees in Luanshya were a testimony of how the privatisation process which happened in 1990s had made them destitute.
She was responding to National Democratic Congress Roan MP, Joseph Chishala, who asked why Government had neglected former Ramcoz employees who were now languishing in poverty.
She said the suffering of former employees was partly because of the faulty of privatisation and that was why people were calling for the commission of inquiry to look into the matter.
Soon, she said, the nation would know what happened and remedies would be found to support people who had suffered because of privatisation.


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