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Punish police abductors severely – Cosmo Mumba

THERE is need for stiffer punishment against people who abducted police officers in Mpika district, National Revolution Party (NRP) has said.

In an interview yesterday, NRP president Cosmo Mumba said the abduction was criminal, therefore, those involved must be dealt with accordingly.
UPND Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe and two others were on Friday arrested in connection with the abduction of two police officers.
Dr Mumba said the case was serious and that the suspects should not be granted police bond.
The opposition leader said it was shocking that people could engage in such an act, stating that they should not be left scot free.
“Zambians should not be hypocrites, the police officers were abducted and because police officers were abducted there is no problem and people cannot comment.
“It is shocking that people cannot stand for the Zambia police, what we need to realise as citizens is that Zambia police are our workers and they are there to maintain law and order.
Dr Mumba said it was sad that a political party could reach an extent of abducting police officers and grabbing their guns.
“Wehre is Zambia going? I foresee bloodshed in our country if the commander in chief does not take charge to arrest the situation in our country.
“The abduction of police officers is not a small case, that one should not even be bailable. So we the National Revolution Party we demand for serious punishment, so that Zambians can now see what has been done to people who abducted police officers,” he said.
Dr Mumba added: “Who knows may be these hooligans can be more vigilant and more mobile as we go towards elections. As National Revolution Party we condemn the abduction and the attacking of police officers.”


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