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Put aside divisions and build Zambia – Veep

VICE PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says Zambia’s nation building is a continuous process that has to be worked for and not handed on a silver platter.
Ms Wina said Zambians have to put aside their political and tribal affiliations by embracing patriotism and hard work to build a better Zambia as envisaged by the country’s founding fathers and mothers.
The Vice President said this when she graced the occasion of the hoisting of the national flag ceremony on the eve of the country’s 56th independence anniversary at the Lusaka showgrounds.
Leading several Lusaka residents at the ceremony, Ms Wina said the theme “Zambia at 56, One Land, One Nation, building our future proud and free” was inspiring in that Zambians have remained united and shared destiny despite their different tribal affiliations.
She said that the founding fathers and freedom fighters laid a strong foundation upon which all Zambians must contribute to promoting unity, peace and development. Ms Wina has since challenged Zambians to respect and honour the national flag as it is a symbol of the Zambian territory and a common heritage which has been hoisted 56 times in the country’s 56-year history.
“Let the Zambian flag remain a common heritage for all of us. Each one of us must, therefore, contribute to mother Zambia by cherishing the freedom struggle” she said.
Ms Wina said the national flag should inspire all Zambians to protect the country’s environment in the face of climate change and diligently use the natural re- sources such as copper and gold to develop the country for the benefit of all.
She noted that while the act of hoisting the Zambian flag at independence remains an indelible mark of freedom, to the country’s freedom fighters, it was a victory that marked a turn- ing point in their history of struggle for self-determina- tion, sovereignty and dignity. – ZANIS. – ZANIS.


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