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A WRANGLE has erupted between Ndola Central Member of Parliament Emmanuel Mulenga and his Chifubu counterpart Frank Ng’ambi over the demolition of structures.

The feud between the two Patriotic Front MPs erupted following Mr Mulenga’s action to demolish structures on his farm through a court order.
Mr Mulenga through a court order, demolished the structures that were built illegally on his land, a decision that infuriated Mr Ng’ambi whose constituents were affected.
According to Mr Mulenga, the court order was obtained on September 3, last year to have the structures demolished, stating that he immediately issued the developers a notice to vacate.
He said that despite being issued with the notice, the developers continued growing vegetables as well as building their structures.
“I am very disappointed that Mr Ng’ambi is accusing me of having demolished over 50 structures and that more than 600 families were left in the cold. This is far from the truth because only less than 10 structures were demolished and they were not occupied.
“Let him tell his people to stick to the law and avoid obtaining land dubiously unlike defending them on the wrong decisions that they are making. Going forward, let Mr Ng’ambi be a man of integrity and always tell the truth,” he said.
Mr Mulenga, who is also Youth and Sport and Child Development Minister, explained that a team of senior Government officials led by Copperbelt Minister Japhen Mwakalombe investigated the matter which in the end proved that the land actually belonged to him.
He wondered the kind of sensitisation the people needed when they were aware of the whole process since last year.
“What some people have been saying is not what is on the ground. The bailiffs only demolished less than 10 unfinished structures and not the number that people are circulating,” he said.
During a Sun FM special radio interview on Sunday, Mr Ng’ambi said it was shocking and inhuman for Mr Mulenga to demolish 50 houses affecting over 600 families without notice. Mr Ng’ambi accused his Ndola counterpart of de-campaigning him, stating that the action was uncalled for.
And the victims of the demolitions claimed that their structures were on legally owned land offered by the Ndola City Council.
But the council said officers were studying the claims and that the outcome of the investigations would be communicated in due course.


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