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UPND MP withdraws motion

UPND Mwinilunga Member of Parliament Newton Samakayi was yesterday forced to withdraw a private notice of motion after Parliament unanimously rejected it.

Mr Sakakayi presented a notice of motion to amend the Mines and Minerals Development Act so as to reduce the size of land over which an exploration licence for large scale mining is grantable.
Introducing the motion, Mr Samakayi said once passed, the motion would allow Zambians regardless of their economic status to buy and own shares in the mining industry.
The motion was seconded by UPND Kasempa MP, Brenda Tambatamba who explained that the motion was not controversial but progressive as it would help in making exploration of minerals to be inclusive.
However, PF Kabwe Central MP Tutwa Ngulube argued that the motion appeared to be not well founded as it lacked substance.
Mr Ngulube said the motion was meant to support certain individuals to take over or grab mining land using tricks.
FDD Chienge MP, Given Katuta said she did not support the motion because it was not clear whose interest it would serve.
Nchanga MP, Chali Chilombo said he did not support the motion because it would scare investors which was aimed at killing the industry.
And Minister of Mines, Richard Musukwa said the mover of the motion failed to argue why an exploration licence for large scale mining should be reduced because, explorations are meant to search for minerals.


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