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Use CDF for court infrastructure, Lubinda advises

JUSTICE Minister, Given Lubinda, has advised Members of Parliament to use part of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to construct local courts.

Mr Lubinda said local courts were basic structures that should be found in every constituency.
He urged MPs to ensure the justice system was available in the constituencies through the establishment of local courts.
The minister said this in response to Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga, who expressed concern at the abandoned construction works of local courts in some areas.
Mr Lubinda urged the provincial minister to engage the MPs on the need to allocate some funds from CDF towards the construction of the local courts.
“As minister in the province talk to the MPs to allocate some funds from CDF to construct local courts, each constituency should have a local court,” he said.
Mr Mushanga bemoaned the stalled court infrastructure projects in Kabwe, Chibombo and Serenje districts.
He cited the Chililalila local court in Mukululu compound which whose works had stalled for a long time despite the works being at over 80 percent completion.
He said the people of Makululu travel led long distances to access justice due to lack of a local court in the area.
“Makululu is the largest compound in Southern Africa and people travel long distances to access justice, we appeal through your office to help the province complete the court structures,” he said.
In his response, Mr Lubinda said he would deliver the concerns to the Chief Justice as the court infrastructure was not under his portfolio.
The Justice Minister said he would find time to tour the province to appreciate the challenges in the area of court infrastructure.


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