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GOVERNMENT Printers are now ready to handle printing of ballot papers and if there is any by-elections, ballots papers will be printed locally after the 2021 elections, says Minister of Works and Supply Sylvia Chalikosa.

Ms Chalikosa said the Government Printers were in good shape and therefore able to print ballot papers.
She said in an interview that Government would be able to test the Printers by printing ballot papers if there would be any by-elections.
The minister indicated that government feels should there be any by-elections after the 2021 general elections then the ballot papers would be printed locally.
She said government would not print the ballot papers abroad if there would be any by election after the 2021 general elections.
Ms Chalikosa said the Government Printers would be used to print the ballot papers regardless of the number of by elections which would be conducted.
“The Government Printers as I speak right now are all ok, most of the government works in various ministries are printed there and we are confident that the printers are fit to handle huge works,” she said.


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