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Kambwili is dead scared of Katanga – Musoma


CHISHIMBA Kambwili is dead scared of Charity Katanga because the new deputy Inspector General of Police for operations is a no-nonsense person, says ZRP president Wright Musoma.

Mr Musoma said instead of castigating the new deputy inspector, Mr Kambwili should learn to respect others especially those holding constitutional offices like Ms Katanga who has proved to be professional in her duties.

Wright Musoma

He said Ms Katanga a is professional Police officer who during her stay in office as Copperbelt police commissioner managed to keep the region free from political violence and crime in the mining sector.

“Mr Kambwili is scared of Ms Katanga because he knows that once he misbehaves next time, the new deputy inspector general will clamp him and make sure that he is locked up and taken to court to face the law,” he said.

Mr Musoma said the only reason the NDC leader was up in arms against Ms Katanga is because she (Katanga) never allowed him to cause confusion on the Copperbelt and whenever he tried to do so, the police under her command moved in to correct him. 

“Who doesn’t know how Mr Kambwili tried to bring confusion to the Copperbelt, but fortunately Ms Katanga was always there to ensure that any law breaker was put in the right place,” he said.

Mr Musoma advised Mr Kambwili that the country was in the New Year, the former Information Minister should tone down and make sure he makes peace with himself and those he considers to be his enemies.

He said whether he likes it or not, President Edgar Lungu on behalf of the people of Zambia has already appointed Ms Katanga as deputy inspector general of Police and the only thing he should do is to ensure that he does not offend the law, otherwise the same person he was bad mouthing will be around to enforce the law.


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