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Stop staging fake defections, South PF tells UPND

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  • Last week, the UPND claimed over 60 members from the ruling party in Mazabuka defected.


THE PF in Southern Province has warned the UPND against staging fake defections of its members aimed at deceiving Zambians that the party was still strong in the region.

Last week, the UPND claimed over 60 members from the ruling party in Mazabuka defected.

But Mazabuka Central PF constituency chairperson Hawen Muma said in an interview that the ruling party in the district and provincial level was intact and none of its members had defected to the opposition. 

He said the ruling party has made significant inroads into Southern Province, which was perceived to be a stronghold of the UPND adding that therefore it was laughable for the  party to claim that PF members were defecting to join them.

Mr Muma said the purported 60 people who defected to the UPND were not members of the ruling party adding that contrary to claims by the UPND, more members from the opposition were in fact joining PF.

He expressed disappointment that the UPND can be celebrating the defection of 60 people to their party when Southern Province is their stronghold, adding that the number is insignificant.

 Mr Muma said the PF government has continued to unite and develop the entire nation under the motto of “one Zambia, one Nation” without leaving anyone behind.

He said President Edgar Lungu’s mandate will go beyond 2021 because he has embraced all tribes and regions with a peaceful and tender heart. Mr Muma said the PF leadership in Mazabuka was working tirelessly in mobilising and recruiting new members ahead of this year’s general elections.


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