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Bwana Mkubwa women empowered with 1,000 village chickens


OVER 400 women from different parts of Bwana Mkubwa constituency in Ndola have been empowered with 1,000 village chickens, feed and incubators.

Leaving No One Behind Foundation empowered the woman with the chicks and gave them some money to help them as they start to look after the chicks.

Foundation chairman, Warren Mwambazi, said his organization was committed to uplifting the living standards of the people, especially the women and youths.

He appealed to women to ensure that the chicks were ell looked after so that they could become fully-fledged village chicken, which they could sell and realize reasonable income.

The village chickens, he said, would enable the beneficiaries realize sufficient money to re-invest in the business so that the trade was sustainable.

Mr Mwambazi said his foundation ensured an equal representation of women groups from all the parts of Bwana Mkubwa constituency so that that no one is left behind.

“Last week we empowered marketeers with K200,000 cash in all the 10 markets of the constituency. This empowerment is in line with Governments effort to support businesses that are not doing so well in the new normal,” he said.

Mr Mwambazi, who is also seeking on the Patriotic Front (PF) ticket in Bwana Mkubwa, over 1,000 traders, including those at Ndeke Market, had benefitted from the K200,000 revolving fund.

He appealed to beneficiaries to utilize the revolving fund for the intended purpose so that many other marketeers could also benefit.

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