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Kay Figo’s ‘Tepano’ video out (Watch)


Songstress  Kay Figo’s new single ‘Tepano’ was yesterday released to the public on YouTube.

The single which is another from her new record label Kalandanya Music Promotions (KMP).

 was produced by Kekero and has already attracted great attention.

The song addresses serious issues to deal with self confidence and self belief. It encourages people to stay focused and never allow anyone to pull them down.

‘Tepano’ video  directed by Tommy Banda already has lots of fans and followers vibing to it.The song is Kay Figo’s own way of addressing some of the things she has been through and the battles she has fought with people who mainly want to see her down. She sings that she has come a long way and her name is known throughout.

Recently, Kay Figo complained about cyberbullying and how some people have chosen to speak ill of her name. She reminds such people that she is strong and has been there and done that. The song goes viral on various music platforms under Kalandanya Music Promotions.


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