18 riotous UPND cadres fined

Fri, 18 Nov 2016 12:17:29 +0000

EIGHTEEN UPND cadres facing a charge of unlawful assembly have been convicted and fined K18 each for conduct likely to cause breach of peace by the Lusaka Magistrates Court. Magistrate Nchimunya Simaubi in his ruling on the matter involving the 22 cadres  arrested for unlawful assembly said the offence was a misdemeanor that carried a minimum fine or a one- month simple imprisonment in default. Mr Simaubi discharged four of the accused because they were juveniles believed to have been caught up in the fracas.

He said the facts showed that the 18 cadres who were only  found gathered had no aggravating circumstances to make the courts impose a severe penalty than a simple fine. Webby Gondwe and 21 others were charged with one count of conduct likely to cause the breach of peace. Facts before court were that on July 18, 206, in Lusaka and while acting together with unknown persons, the 22 cadres with intent to commit an offence or to carry out some common purpose did unlawfully assemble in Rhodes Park, Church Road, Cairo Road, Kafue road and Kamwala shopping area respectively and conducted themselves in a manner as to cause persons in the neighbourhood to reasonably to fear that the persons assembled would commit a breach of peace. The magistrate also indicated in his ruling that notice was taken into account that the offence happened during the time of campaigns leading to the August 11, 2016, general elections.

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