Angola set for Zone Six Games

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 16:05:59 +0000

Angolan Ambassador to Zambia Balbina Malheiros dais das Silva has urged the national team to win Zone Six Games to be held in Lusaka in December in honor of  the country‘s 37th independence celebrations.

Das Silva said people ofAngolawould be glad if its national teams won more awards during the Zone Six Games as the country celebrated the 37th independence anniversary.

She said that winning the tournament in a country that helpedAngolato gain her independence would be the happiest thing.

Das Silva said freedom to compete in any sporting discipline reminded all Angolans of independence from Portuguese colonial era.

She said that every achievement will help the country that suffered civil wars after independence to continue enjoying freedom which former Zambian leaders fought for independence.

Angolais among all countries being represented in all minor sports to be played at different venues inLusaka.

She urged the under-17 football team to win all the games and lift the trophy for all refugees currently staying inZambia.

Das Silva said that football and all minor sport participants fromAngolawill enjoy support from their countrymen who have now been given freedom to live inZambiaafter their refugees status expired.

“Our National teams will feel at home with massive support from refugees currently inZambia“said Das Silva.

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