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Boxing wrangles escalate


SUSPENDED Zambia Boxing Federation ZBF vice president, Dan Chiteule says it is unfair that the federation slapped a six-month suspension on him for going to Ndola to watch his boxers who were involved in a boxing tournament.

In an interview, Chiteule said he will appeal the ban imposed on him by the ZBF because he did nothing wrong to deserve the punishment.

Chiteule said, as vice president, he has the right to go to any boxing tournament in the country without being cautioned by the organisation he represent.

Asked about allegations that he plans to challenge ZBF president Kennedy Mubita during the elective annual general meeting in August this year, Chiteule said, “I haven’t said anything the only thing I did is to attend a tournament in Ndola, then the next thing I was suspended because I did not get permission.

“It is not fair at all.  I’m number two and I’m entitled to go to any boxing tournament. It is shocking, it’s disappointing and very disturbing. The only thing I can do is just to appeal that’s all,” said Chiteule.

Chiteule who went through unopposed during an extraordinary meeting held in Kabwe in November 2019 to become ZBF vice president succeeded, Jack Mbewe who was expelled in February 2019 for alleged gross indiscipline.

Meanwhile, Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions manager Chris Malunga has challenged ZBF not to abuse its authority by banning members who are deemed as threats to the federation.

Malunga also urged Mubita not to use the ZBF constitution to frustrate its affiliates who are struggling to survive.

Malunga said the K750 affiliation fee is too much for a lot of clubs managed by private individuals and are struggling to raise resources due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said most clubs voted for the current ZBF executive and tasked it to reduce the affiliation fee which was deemed as a big challenge for most affiliates.

Malunga said it is unfair that ZBF wants to take advantage of struggling affiliates to deny them the chance to participate in the ZBF AGM slated for August 2021 because of unpaid affiliation fees when it is owing AIBA and the Nations Sports Council of Zambia.

However, Mubita denied allegations that he suspended his vice president to stop him from participating in the elections.

Mubita also refuted allegations that the current ZBF executive has failed to manage the development of boxing as a sport in Zambia.

He said his administration has not failed as it is the only administration to have qualified three boxers to the Olympic Games in the history of the sport.

Mubita denied allegations that ZBF is planning to stop some boxing clubs from taking part in the AGM through the K750 affiliation fee.

He said there is need for ZBF Affiliates to read and understand the ZBF constitution so that they do not feel sidelined by the actions taken by the federation ahead of this year’s elective AGM.


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