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Court rejects Chishimba Kambwili’s illness excuse


LUSAKA Magistrate Felix Kaoma yesterday rejected National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili’s request for another adjournment on grounds that he could not stand trial as he had suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Kambwili sought the adjournment to enable him seek medical attention for what he called constant high blood pressure and diabetes but Mr. Kaoma said there was a high risk of turning the court into a circus if he continued allowing adjournments on same grounds of illness.

He agreed with one of the private prosecutors, Mr Jonas Zimba that the court could not continue adjourning the case on the basis of Kambwili being sick because there would be no progress in the matter.

He said while sicknesses was  inevitable to immortal human beings, the case’s  history poses the danger of not concluding the matter within the expected time especially that the case was being privately prosecuted, which was an expensive venture as every adjournment attracted costs.

Kambwili was scheduled to open his defence in the matter he has been found with a case to answer for defamation of the President by claiming that Lusaka business executive Valden Findlay was allegedly using the Presidential jet to courier drugs.

Mr. Kaoma said even at the last sitting when the case was adjourned at the instance of Kambwili being sick, yesterday the same sickness had been advanced without medical proof.

Earlier when the case was called for opening of defence, one of the defence lawyers, Mr Gilbert Phiri applied for the adjournment citing Kambwili’s high BP and diabetic levels.

The case was, however, abruptly adjourned to April 16, 2021 after Mr. Kaoma was informed that Kambwili’s sickness had continued.


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