PF corruption fight a sham – NAREP

Thu, 31 Jan 2013 09:36:15 +0000

THE fight against corruption should be holistic and not selective if government intends to show seriousness and commitment, NAREP on the Copperbelt has said.
Party Coordinator Jevan Kamanga said in an interview that it was unfortunate that the so called fight against corruption was selective and biased against those seem to be anti government.
Reverend Kamanga said Zambia was under the PF led government ruled like a police state, whereby no one should have a say against the sitting government.
He alleged that the fight against corruption under the PF leadership was questionable, because certain individuals who were believed to be involved in corruption activities were shielded by the government.
“The fight against corruption under the PF leadership is questionable because those who seem to be their favourites are shielded, when they have cases to answer, and this has brought doubts on their fight against the vice,” he said.
He said there was need for more political will in order to win the fight against corruption, so that everyone including those who were close or holding public offices could as well be subjected to the same scrutiny just like any other.
Rev Kamanga claimed much more needed to be done if government’s quest to fight corruption was to achieved.
He said it was shameful that corruption in the PF government had hit high levels, and yet no action was being taken to prove to the citizens that the government was doing enough to eradicate the vice.
“The people of Zambia should not be taken for granted, and these are some of the things we keep on wondering why certain individuals are protected against the alleged corrupt activities levelled on them while others are not,” he said.
The reverend said it was high time the PF government took things seriously now that it had listened to the many complaints from various sections of society, including the church which was the last hope for the people, if they had a will to fight corruption.
“Exhibiting arrogance whenever people are trying to raise concerns is not helpful, Zambia is a democratic nation and there is no amount of threats and intimidation that will stop them from expressing their views where there was need,” he said.
He claimed that the fight against corruption in the PF government was misguided, because it had not yielded any concrete results.

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