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Councillors do not deserve salaries


Some councillors simply do not merit a salary because they are not compelled to report to the council everyday unless a meeting is taking place. Therefore, most of their time is spent on personal business. It is difficult to measure their daily tasks in the absence of job descriptions.

Concerned citizen



Solar milling plants


The 2017 budget and other stakeholders are silent on this issue. Has this got something to do with the removal of subsidies?

Silwizya Kapiri



Tribal judgments


I wish to reply to Mubanga Luchembe who claims the Judges in the Luo and Mwanakatwe cases are from the same ethnic grouping. Is he aware that Judges voted against HH at the ConCourt? Are they all from the same tribe, Bemba? How naive can some people be?

D.M Ndumba, Lusaka



Mr Chimba’s two-year jailing


This serves as a warning to all journalists and my advice to you is that you should use your pen professionally because politicians can ask you to do anything as long as it brings them votes. You will be alone on that day!

Tainford Mwanza



Distribution of national resources


Equity and transparency should be the overriding principles in the distribution of national resources. Youth empowerment funds are for all Zambians but right now the process is covertly going on like a CIA operation. Who are the beneficiaries? It is mostly selected cadres, relatives and girlfriends to those close to ‘power’. This is a complete waste! Check the Auditor General’s report.

RIP Fidel



Those weather forecasts


I may be the only one complaining but surely our men and women at the Meteorological center/office should give us a break! We are tired of ‘rain and thunder storms in a few places’. I’m sure UNZA Geography department or the airport can give us better weather updates!




Poor health services


I want to refer to the recent case of a woman who delivered at UTH maternity reception and to also state the poor services offered at Chipata General Hospital. I have a child whose elbow joint bone got dislocated on Tuesday 22nd November, 2016 and they stretched his hand. From that time till today, they have been promising to put a POP but nothing has happened. Just look at the punishment the seven year old boy is subjected to.




Bravo Chief Chikwanda!


The television clip on ZNBC where Chief Chikwanda of Mpika district is reported to have stopped the release of seven of his village headmen for failure to report GBV cases is a welcome move which deserves commendation. GBV can be eliminated conclusively if strict measures are put in place. Punishment for GBV offenders should be stiffened. I, therefore, appeal to all chiefs in Zambia to emulate chief Chikwanda on the fight against GBV.

Bravo Chief Chikwanda!

Chitamuka Joel, Samfya



Courts are not independent entities


PF is not comfortable about nullifications and yet the court has nullified more seats for UPND than PF. It is true that the courts are not independent entities. I want to warn the PF that once they leave government, there will be prosecutions and dismissals for some of them.

Justin Bwalya Baluba

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