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By OLIVER SAMBOKO                                                                                                            

AN ADOPTED UPND candidate in Mazabuka risks being arrested for allegedly sending   cadres to abduct a member of a rival camp within the party for campaigning for his opponent. 

The abducted victim who has been identified as Joseph Mombe is said to have been severely tortured by uniformed UPND cadres before his disappearance from home.

Political violence among UPND camps competing for adoption in the opposition party, has escalated to alarming levels where some people are said to be missing after being abducted sometimes by known persons.

 And speaking in an interview with the Daily Nation, mother of the victim, Mable Moonga narrated that she was called on phone by unknown people who demanded for a K6, 000 ransom before they could release her son.

Ms Moonga said she only managed to raise K2, 200 which she sent yesterday leaving  a balance of K300 after she negotiated for the ransom to be reduced to K2, 500.

She said a docket and an enquiry in the matter has been opened at Mazabuka police station.

And when contacted, the person on whose number the money was sent, insisted that he was not a criminal because his phone was just used to receive the cash .

He refused to disclose his name but claimed that  Mr Mombe was not abducted but had instead assaulted someone who later  wanted to be paid for the offence.

Mr Mombe’s phone was by press time still un reachable.

Mazabuka police have reportedly  summoned the recipient of the money and the monther to Mr Mombe.

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