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SELFISH” UPND Members of Parliament are to blame for the lack of meaningful development in most parts of Southern Province because they do not lobby from the State, Chief Cooma of Choma has said.

Chief Cooma said lack of coordination between UPND MPs and the government had resulted in people suffering.

He said the province had been lagging behind in development because some opposition MPs had not been working with the government.

Chief Cooma said UPND MPs were not ready to work with government at the expense of the people who were suffering.

The traditional leader cited the Bill 10 as one of the issues that has led to people suffering because of selfish members of Parliament who do not read the clauses in the bill before making a decision.

He said opposition MPs need to sit with the ruling government for the benefit of the people who put them into office to represent their views.

“How do we expect development when the other members of parliament are going this side while others are going the other way?

“These people need to sit together and resolve their differences and begin to work together so that development can be delivered because it is us the people who are suffering because they cannot correspond,” he said.

The UPND is the second largest political party in the country.

Although the party claims to be an organisational presence in almost all provinces, it was better organised in Central, North-Western, Southern and Western provinces.

Southern Province is its stronghold with a majority of MPs.

Although the party’s national leadership is representative of all the ethnic groups, the electorate perceives it as a regional or ethnic party.


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