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FOUR PF councillors have reportedly gone unopposed and therefore won the election even without being voted for.

In Kabenshe Ward of Pambeshe, PF councilor Francis Chungu was declared the winner after the UPND candidate failed to show up and the same happened in Chasefu’s Kajilime Ward in Eastern province.

Ernest Chibwaya of Mwense ward in Mwense Constituency of Luapula and Vincent Maseka of Kalengwa ward in Mufumbwe have retained their seats.

Returning officer for Kalengwa Ward, Wiza Melele declared Mr Maseka councillor for the ward and said that no polls would be held for that position.

“I Wiza Melele being the returning officer for Kalengwa Ward, declare that during the appointed period in which nominations may be lodged with me, I have received a valid nomination paper in respect of only one candidate for the election of a coucillor for Kalengwa Ward.

I therefore declare that Vincent Maseka is returned unopposed as a councillor for Kalengwa Ward with effect from the 12th of August and that no polls will be taken in this ward,” he said.

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