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THE PF in Southern Province has congratulated President Edgar Lungi for picking Professor Nkandu Luo as his running mate in the August 12 general elections.

According to the ruling party, the decision by President Lungu demonstrated that he was passionate about promoting women in leadership.

PF Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary, Trymore Mwenda, said that President Lungu was walking the talk when he talks about leaving no one behind in gender equity and equality in the country.

“The selection of Prof Nkandu Luo as his running mate cements this position and could not have come any better as it has been a distinquished and accomplished woman replacing another of equally impeccable credentials,” Mr Mwenda said.

Me Mwenda said that the President had been consistent in ensuring gender balance at the top most level since 2016 and this would in due time continue to trickle down to many other key decision making positions in Government.

“We are happy with Prof. Luo’s selection because she brings to the table a wealth of experience and a rich education track record as the country’s first female Professor demonstrating hard work and discipline,” Mr Mwenda said.

He added that Prof Luo’s selection was not her achievement alone but an achievement for the women folk in the country.

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