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POLICE have challenged Human Rights Commission (HRC) spokesperson, Mwelwa Muleya, to come forward and submit information pertaining the whereabouts of the abducted Hatembo siblings instead of issuing silent statements on a matter of national concern.

Acting police spokesperson, Danny Mwale, said that Mr Muleya should report to the police if he had information on the abducted Hatembo siblings.

Recently, Mr Muleya claimed that preliminary findings of the HRC on the Hatembo family case indicated that Pheluna and Milton were not under any form of abduction.

Mr Muleya said during investigations, the HRC had learnt that the Hatembos had not been abducted but were seeking protection from a third party pursuing them.

However, the HRC top management however disassociated itself from Mr Muleya’s statement

HRC chairperson, Mudford Mwandenga said he was not privy to the sentiments by Mr Muleya because he was not consulted.

But Mr Mwale said as far as the police were concerned, some suspects were appearing in court for abduction.

He said if Mr Muleya had information about the disappearance of Pheluna and her brother Milton, he should submit such information to the police.

“If he has information let him report to the police. As far as we are concerned, there are suspects appearing in court for abduction,” Mr Mwale said.


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