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The lottery wheeling system has been around nearly as long as lotteries themselves. There are a variety of wheels namely:

  • Full wheels
  • Abbreviated wheels
  • A key number wheels

The wheeling systems offered by various websites were created more than a decade ago. They are sets of combinations which provide a grouping of numbers. These numbers are spread across a series of lotto ticket bets which overlap minimally.

Even though these wheels are only as accurate as the person who creates them, no one should make use of them believing that they can guarantee a win.

Where the UK 49 is concerned, full wheel, abbreviated wheel, and key number wheels are often suggested for use.

Full Wheel

The full wheeling system contains all the possible combinations which can be made with a specific group of numbers that the player selects. The purpose of this system is to provide the player with their best possible chance at winning both substantial and lower-tier prizes.

The benefits of using the full wheel include:

  • Maximum coverage of all prizes should some or all of the winning numbers drawn be the numbers that the player wheeled.
  • Should all the winning number in the group wheeled be drawn, the player stands a chance at the jackpot and numerous other prizes.
  • Should the player only have some of the winning numbers, they may have multiple winning tickets.

Drawbacks in using the full wheel is that it is a costly exercise for players who wheel large amounts of numbers in order to cover more combinations.

Abbreviated Wheel

This wheeling system contains a set of minimum combinations which provide the player with a chance to win. This happens when the player matches a specific number of the winning numbers.

This wheel is ideal for UK 49 due to the unique structure it offers and the ability it provides players to wager on a preferred amount of winning numbers.

Benefits in using the abbreviated wheel include:

  • It is a more economical and cost-effective way to increase the chances of winning.
  • There are fewer combinations to play and subsequently a larger amount of numbers can be wheeled at a reduced cost.
  • By being able to play more numbers, players increase their chances of selecting more winning numbers.

Drawbacks on this system is that even should all the winning numbers fall into the player’s wheel, they are not guaranteed a win or a chance at higher jackpots. However, with this wheel, smaller prizes can be one, especially with playing the six- or seven-number draws on the UK49 where the odds are shortened.

Key Number Wheel

Where the Key Number Wheel is concerned, one ‘key’ number will appear in every combination of the wheel. Some of these wheels provide players with the same chances to win as an abbreviated wheel. However, these wheels contain fewer combinations.

The winning numbers must be somewhere in the wheeled numbers, as is the case with regular wheels. In addition, the ‘key’ number which makes an appearance in every combination must be one of the winning numbers which are drawn.

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