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Dear Editor,

As we engage the grassroots to seek the renewal of President Lungu’s mandate for another five year second term of office, we take that as an opportunity to make the voters make an informed decision.

We take cognizance of the fact that democracy is the will of the people, but that will of the people will not be proclaimed too be democracy if the people are not well informed. Intellectual deficiency on the social economic policies of political parties is usually caused by the enlightened citizens who opted to substitute a meaningful political discourse with the personalized debates.

PF Presidential candidate Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has led the way in ensuring that he leads the PF that is centered on explaining the achievements in the last five years and what it ought to do after the renewal of its mandate for the next five years. Not too long ago, President Lungu launched the political manifesto which will form the basis of his post-August, 2021 Government and clearly explains the basis upon which the mandate should be renewed. Early last week, he was launching the official campaigns and he made an emphasis on the need for the foot soldiers to clearly explain to the electorates on why they should support him and the PF.

 This is the exemplary nature of President Lungu in demonstrating leadership in inculcating the character of issue based approach for the followers. President Lungu has been the proponent of ensuring that the party’s tangible achievements are the basis of seeking the mandate from the people.

President Lungu wants to see his campaign teams like ours going in the valleys and swampy areas such as Mbati ward of Kanchibiya constituency to explain to the people why they should support him. Exactly, that is our basis of campaigns, we are there to enlighten the citizens on why they should trust the PF.

We therefore welcome President Lungu’s issue based politics and we will carry on the sensitization regarding the PF as a political preference.  We believe diverting to stale debates which were previously settled by the Courts of law is not what the people of Zambia want.  We will carry on with the issue based politics as per guidance from President Lungu.

Marvin Chanda Mberi


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