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We will take interest in the sale of essential drugs on the black market alleged to have been looted from public health institutions, the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority (ZAMRA) has said.

Dialysis patients told the Daily Nation that most drugs missing in hospitals which include dialysis consumables were available on the black market at astronomical prices.

ZAMRA Public Relations Officer, Ludovic Mwape, said they would investigate the matter through the task force which has been established to look into pilferage of medicines from public health institutions.

He said in an interview that perpetrators would be prosecuted if investigations prove that stolen essential products were being sold on the black market.

Mr Mwape said the law was very categorical on pilferage of Government medicines because they were supposed to be provided for free to the patients.

“We will take interest in the matter and carry out investigations because the law is very clear on the sale of medicines earmarked for public health institutions and all those that will be found wanting will be prosecuted according to the law,” he said.

Mr Mwape said the task force on the pilferage of government medicines would ensure that all those involved in the sale of essential drugs including dialysis consumables on the black market were prosecuted for breaking the law.


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